OUTRA is a home textile studio in Asheville, North Carolina focused on creating pieces that will endure both in wear and in interest. We like to be surprised and are drawn to designs that walk the fine line between weird and beautiful. We keep it simple and work to make things the best way we can out of the best things we can find. To that end, each piece is constructed from organic cotton grown in the United States and hand painted with wash-safe, non-toxic paint. The quality and integrity of the materials we use are as important as the designs we create.  

Laura Evans founded OUTRA in the summer of 2013 after moving to Asheville, NC from Brooklyn, NY.  She previously practiced as a landscape designer at Prospect Park for six years, work she loved for the connection to the community and the endless and wide range of design challenges it provided. OUTRA is a continuation on this architectural design foundation, fulfilling different needs for complete creative freedom and a tangible connection to the finished product.